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Making Sense of Anxiety Video Series and Discussion Group

5 Sessions- Fall 2019 Dates TBA

This class is oriented toward parents, teachers, and helping professionals to make sense of anxiety in the children in their care. The class not only helps one understand anxiety and its purpose, it also has solutions for how to respond in the most helpful way.

The class will meet for 5 sessions. The first four sessions will contain a 60 minute video lecture by Dr. Neufeld and then approximately 90 minutes to discuss the material and how to apply it. The fifth session will be an integration session to synthesize and apply the material to one’s experience.

Christine Wood is approved through the Neufeld Institute to facilitate this class. For detailed information about the material contained in this class, please read the course page.

Dates: TBA
Time: 6:30-8:30pm
Where: TBA
Cost for the series: $100 per person, $150 per couple, $75 for VYFS or VSD employees (scholarships available, please inquire)
Please note: Each session builds on the last and it’s important that participants can attend all sessions. If you really want to attend and must miss a session, I can loan out the DVD so you can keep up.
Childcare available: Extra fee on a sliding scale (please inquire)

·Feedback from my previous class participants:

“The class was a great way to begin to understand why children are anxious and how we as teachers and parents can help them”.

“This is a great opportunity to think about children's distress as a call for help and leadership from adults- and it gives adults/caregivers concrete ways to calm children's alarm systems in loving ways.”

·“What fabulous material and information that makes sense!”

“Christine was a great facilitator. She lead the discussions well and helped to generate stimulating feedback from group members.”

Dr. Gordon Neufeld is a Vancouver-based developmental psychologist with over 40 years of experience with children and youth and those responsible for them. A foremost authority on child development, Dr. Neufeld is an international speaker, a best-selling author (Hold On to Your Kids) and a leading interpreter of the developmental paradigm. Dr. Neufeld has a widespread reputation for making sense of complex problems and for opening doors for change.