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Discipline That Doesn’t Divide: Parenting Strategies to Promote Cooperation and Connection

Wednesday, October 4th 6-8pm
Location: Family Place 9822 SW Gorsuch Rd (lower level)
Designed for parents with children 1-11 years old
Cost $10-20 (sliding scale); No Registration Required

Join us for this two hour class and discussion about what we can learn from the science of attachment and the implications for parenting. Class taught by Christine Wood.

Topics will include:

  • How to harness your natural parental power and get in right relationship with your child
  • Navigating tears, tantrums, and opposition in your child
  • How to cultivate true maturity and caring in your child
  • What are the problems/costs with traditional discipline and behavior modification approaches such as time-out, threats, punishment, yelling, or consequences?
  • How to avoid power struggles
  • Why it's important to say no to your child