More Upcoming Changes

We are sad to announce that Catherina Willard has resigned her position as Family Education and Support Manager, effective August 5th. Catherina has accepted the position of Family Development Manager at White Center Community Development Association.

While we are very sorry to see her go, we recognize the incredible contribution Catherina has made to the PlaySpace and parent education on Vashon. We are also excited for her in this new position, which is a walking commute from her home in White Center and will allow her to work to promote racial equity.

Catherina will work her 30 hour weekly schedule through July 29th and then work 2 days the following week. She is actively assisting in recruiting her replacement, as if anyone could replace her. We are so thankful for the work she has done on our behalf and wish her all happiness in the future.

These two significant staff transitions, Heather Youngs and Catherina Willard, are difficult. However, we are proud that these outstanding professionals are stretching their wings and working to make the larger world a better place. I know we will be able to recruit the right staff to build upon the excellent work they have done. I encourage you to refer your friends and family to the VYFS website – go to the about us page and click on the employment page – to learn more about each of these roles.