Dark Days and Bright Lights

The first Wednesday of every month, we have Staff Meeting. Everyone is invited to attend and we regularly see more than half of our 37 employees. 

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Staff meetings can be pretty dry, but some time ago it was suggested that we start each meeting with Appreciations. As the Executive Director, it falls to me to retrieve a box from the staff kitchen, where all month people have had the chance to sit and write a note of appreciation to a work colleague. I read through the notes, give some time to let people express additional thanks out loud around the table, and then select a staff member at random who gets a silly thank you gift.

The month between the November and December VYFS staff meetings was tough.

Two employees are facing serious health challenges. One of these people was discovered in distress after co-workers noted that this employee had not showed up or called in an absence. Several of us were evacuated after the fire at the propane business last week. And of course the uncertainty of these times, and our staff's natural care and worry about our clients safety and well-being. It's just been a rough, emotional time.

So when I opened the box, I was not surprised to see messages of gratitude to each other, and to see so many expressions of care for each other around the table. Much was said that was meant to stay around the table. Many of us cried as we simply appreciated being together, being with skilled, compassionate people who take action for one another, and for weathering, so far, the tumult of these days.

This one note that I found in the appreciation box says so much:

I would like to appreciate . . . .
Everyone who works here
There is so much
Love + Light here.
May we continue to be
a Lighthouse in the Fog.