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Since arriving in Seattle in 2004, Tristen has strived to support and empower the health and well-being of minority and LGBTQ communities. He envisions a city and state in which everyone, regardless of race, culture or sexuality is given the opportunity and tools they need to live a healthy and fulfilled life. He is committed to educating others on the health disparities facing his communities in order to create sector-wide change and awareness.

Tristen is a seasoned policy analyst and health educator with a background in environmental health and government communication. His 9 years of experience the government as an environmental and health specialist is assisting him in his current role of Health Educator at the Center for MultiCultural Health. He is currently working with the African-American population in King County to promote sexual health via the “Testing Makes Us Stronger” and the “Ends AIDS Washington” campaigns.

DAWN M. STIEF, Photography
The "Gnome" photo that graces our Playspace pages caught our eye when it was posted by its creator, Dawn M. Stief, on Visual Delights on Vashon, a Facebook group. The playful image so perfectly captured childhood life on the Island, we had to have it! Thank you to Dawn M. Stief Photography for allowing us to showcase your amazing talent. .

VYFS Would like to Thank you!

Thank you to all!

King County "Best Starts For Kids Grant - $100,000

VYFS is thrilled that King County "Best Starts for Kids" has provided a $100,000 grant to fund the work of the Vashon Early Learning Coalition (VELC), a group of early childcare providers. VELC members will work with VYFS’ Family Education and Support Services (FESS) program to help improve their support of Island children and families.  VYFS and many others have been working with the County to help them understand the significant needs Islanders face. We are grateful to know that the County understands our needs and has taken this bold step to address them. 

The Norcliffe Foundation - $20,000 Grant

VYFS thanks the Norcliffe Foundation, which has pledged $20,000 over the next two years to support the expansion of Vashon Kids services for children in 4th, 5th and 6th grades. “We are serving 4th and 5th graders already,” explained Vashon Kids Director Dalinda Vivero, “but with this funding we will be able to expand our services, include 6th grade program alumni, and create Orca Kids, which engages these older students every day. We are calling it Orca Kids.” This funding helps us create programming specifically to keep the older kids motivated and interested in the activities we offer.

The Northwest Children's Fund  - $12,000 Grant

VYFS is excited to announce a new home visitation program for newborns on Vashon, made possible through a $12,000  grant from the Northwest Children’s Fund “Our vision is to establish a home visiting program, where a family advocate meets with every new family on the Island, provides them with a Baby Box, acts as a parenting resource for new moms and dads, and helps to connect them to other resources,” said Kathleen Barry Johnson, VYFS Executive Director. VYFS is grateful for the support from the Northwest Children's Fund that will allow us to plan this exciting new program.

The Sheepdog Classic - $8,000 Grant

VYFS  received an $8,000 grant from the Vashon Sheep Dog Classic, in recognition of the volunteer effort organized by the agency to help operate the 2017 event. The gift, which was larger than last year, will support Vashon Kids operations. “This was an amazing year, with a lot of volunteers and record attendance. We had an expanded role and were thankful to The Sheepdog Classic for the chance to participate,” said Kathleen Barry Johnson. “I have to add my gratitude to Catherine Sullivan, who helps organize and train the volunteers, Laura Rollins, a VYFS staff member who pours hours of her time into the event, and of course every volunteer who made this possible.”

Pam Ingalls - Generous Donation from Painting Sales

VYFS thanks well-know Vashon Island artist Pam Ingalls for her generosity in providing the agency with the proceeds from her recent show at The Hardware Store Restaurant. These funds will be used to provide general operating expense for agency programs.










NOODLE FOR MAYOR raising support for VYFS

Vashon Youth and Family Services wishes to thank the Yarkin Family, Rhoda Karusaitis and all those who supported the Noodle For Mayor campaign. We  had a marvelous time and raised more than $3,000 for services supporting Island Youth and Families! Read all about that time a Sheep ran for mayor of Vashon. . . 




Martin Halliwell is a long-time Islander who, while not a "professional" photographer, created images that relay the spirit of the Island. He describes himself as someone who "just really like light." You can see many of his images on he Visual Delights on Vashon Facebook page and on his GooglePlus page.

VYFS marriage and family therapist, Julia Akoury-Thiel developed her unique eye for nature photography not only in the Pacific Northwest, but around the world, from Barrow, Alaska, to Cape Town, South Africa.  Her nature shots are included throughout this site. Her award-winning work has been shown and sold locally in Seattle, Puyallup, on Vashon Island and at the Edmonds Arts Festival.  Julia believes there is no heaven on earth, but there are pieces of it, and her goal as a nature photographer is to be at one with the moment, as well as her photo subject, whether it is an arctic fox, a lion cub, a hummingbird, or the sunset from a ferry boat.  She has lived on Vashon Island for 25 years." 

Abe Vanselow - Vashon High School Student and Photographer, Abe Vanselow, took several of the stunning, local landscape photos featured on this website.