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Thank you 1000 Times!

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Vashon Youth & Family Services would like to thank the following people and organizations that helped us build this new website!

Designer: Tristen Gardner came along at just the right time, wanting to build something new and needing someone to do it for. Tristen designed this entire site at no charge to us - truly a stunning gift. We will try not to mess it up. Laura Rollins, our amazing Fundraising and Event coordinator who keeps every ball in the air all the time, and has an absolutely amazing eye for design and color: you definitely rock.

Site Photographers: Abe Vanselow volunteered for us and took some of the amazing pictures you see on the Counseling and Playspace pages. He may be young, but he's one to watch.  Jennifer Terp took the staff and board head-shots, coming back again and again to make sure we looked as good as possible. Dawn M. Stief Photography, Martin Halliwell, Laura Rollins, Joe Yarkin, Lyndsey Braun and Julia Akoury-Thiel, and staff members who snapped program photos over the years didn't necessarily know they were shooting for us, but we are so thankful you have let us benefit from your beautiful art!

Editors: Board members and staff who helped out in the last week before launch to scrub this thing shiny: Tink Campbell, Rhoda Karusaitis, Sara Jane Schoesbeck, Marshall Murray, Heather Youngs, Catherina Willard, Susan Day, Elise Morrill. Thank you!

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Your Support Helps Islanders in Need

When you donate to Vashon Youth & Family Services, you can be assured that the resources are being put to good use. Your donations go directly back into your community to fund:

  • reduced fees and scholarships for before and after school childcare
  • reduced fees and scholarships for Playspace programs
  • emergency financial assistance for Islanders in crisis
  • no-charge crisis stabilization services
  • affordable fees for all of our counseling and prevention services.